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That is what makes the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos the most effective method of study! Learning is much easier when you can SEE and HEAR the material!

This review package includes:

34 Real Estate Exam Must-Know Videos - Each video is
6 to 14 minutes
34 Downloadable Audio Files - MP3 Format
Total Time: 4.75 hours

Real Estate Math Made Easy - See Sample

Over 650 Real Estate Exam Questions 

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Kentucky Real Estate Exam Law Review

Developed by Joyce Bea Sterling, DREI
Kentucky Real Estate Instructor since 1986

Updated 2024

Step 1 - Study the Workbook

You may print any page or all of the workbook. 

View Sample Workbook

Yes, reading laws will cure insomnia. But, the workbooks make it as easy as it can be to study! Remember, you are taking a test over Kentucky laws, so it is important to read the laws! You have a choice of two workbooks to study.

tep 2 - Answer Kentucky Real Estate Law Multiple-Choice Questions

5 Tests - 50 Multiple-Choice Practice Questions on Each Test

Total - 200 Kentucky Real Estate Law Questions

Each Question Provides an Explanations and KY Law Reference
You may take the tests as many times as you want.

"I made 100% on my Kentucky Real Estate Exam! Thank you!

"Joyce, as you know I am an out-of-state agent who wanted a Kentucky Real Estate License. You were recommended to me by another agent and he was right --- your materials make passing this exam so easy!

I passed the Kentucky Real Estate Law exam on Thursday. It only took me 13 minutes to complete, and I only missed a few questions.

Your prep exams were very helpful. I will be a walking billboard for your website."
Roddy Mac

Kentucky Real Estate Law Review - $49.99

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 Exam this morning and am very happy and owe it
 to YOU! Thanks again!"

The videos and audio files are especially helpful
if English is your second language.