"Joyce, one ago today I enrolled in real estate classes, 
not knowing what to expect but filled with excitement and anticipation.
What a year it has been!

I'm still filled with anticipation that the most exciting part of my life is just around the corner. 
Thank you for walking every step of the way with me. 
I've been so blessed by your mentoring and immeasurable inspiration. 
Thank you.  I cannot think but that I would have given up the courage to continue 
had it not been for you. THAT will always be part of my testimony. Indeed." 

Deborah Morgan - Bowling Green, Kentucky 

"This was an exception class! 
The material was presented well, the instructor was 
extremely organized, knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. 
Every minute of the course was professional and efficiently 
geared toward learning about Real Estate and Real Estate Law. 

I have earned well over 200 college credit hours and this course stands out
as one of the very best I can remember in either undergraduate school of graduate school.
I highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to enter the practice of real estate."

Peggy Sharon 

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling 
to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. 

It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality 
that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

Gary Steely 

 "I would like to thank Joyce. She made the transition for a 55 year old simple.
She is very professional and I highly recommend her.

Many thanks and blessings."

David Wade Johnson

"Joyce does a wonderful job with her materials and presentation.
Her care and concern for me during this learning process has been above and beyond!"

Tammy Smith 


"Excellent class. It was a very easy and convenient way to learn the material."

Oscar Calle


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